Surabaya City

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Surabaya is the capital of East Java, the oldest city in the east of Java island. Surabaya is inhabited by various tribes who came from other areas, such as Java, Madura, chinese, arab and some tribes who came from other islands, namely Batak and papua. Surabaya City is now the second metropolis after Jakarta, as many buildings or buildings and the central shopping plays like malls and other high-rise building.
A wave of migration from several villages in the east Java city of Surabaya to very fast, for various reasons which made the villagers to come and live in the city of Surabaya, they generally live in the city of Surabaya to find a job and venture into more decent lives and welfare.
Wheels in the city of Surabaya economy more dominated by the descendants tionghoa, besides having a strong crude and resilient, they also have a decent standard of living and high levels of prosperity than their own native Surabaya. They live in a strong network with each other in building the business.
Surabaya has many historic buildings remains the Dutch Indies government, historic buildings and most notably the Yamato hotel, this is a place and witness history arek arek Surabaya allies in the struggle against independence. In addition to the red bridge Yamato hotel is one of the witnesses of history for the struggle of the heroes who risked persistent body and soul to the nation and the State.
Now many stood towering buildings, hotels, shoping centers, malls, sports facilities and various other buildings which support the economy of Surabaya, the most recent is a means of communication between Surabaya and Madura with Suramadu bridge construction, said this bridge is a bridge at long as southeast asia.
Suramadu bridge is the pride of the people of Surabaya and Madura island, building a bridge Suramadu hope is that the economy of Surabaya and Madura more developed and become pillars of the economy in general, eastern Java.